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Air Fighter Simulator

Combat Flight Simulator for Android

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Air Fighter Simulator is the flight simulator and the fastest and most maneuverable fight ever created.The landscapes unfold so quickly...

The first chapter is dedicated to learning to pilot ( First flight, takeoff, landing, etc... ). You learn to use instruments such as the ILS ( Instrument Landing System ), which enables perfect alignment when approaching the runway.

Four air bases and aircraft carriers in an infinite world.

Each combat mission begins with a takeoff and ends with a landing.

Air-to-air missions, air-to-ground, and the two most exciting at the same time as each other are waiting for you.

The difficulty level is progressive missions for each campaign.

Aircraft trajectories is of unparalleled realism.

Weather conditions : sunny, cloudy , stormy, sunset, night... Follow and shut them !

If you have the soul of a fighter this pilot simulator is for you !